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CarpetMaster 112 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

CarpetMaster 112 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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  • $ 45000

CarpetMaster upright vacuums are designed to meet the most difficult cleaning applications from schools to hotels to office buildings, the CarpetMaster vacuums are CRI certified so you can be sure to enjoy exceptional dirt pick up . CarpetMaster vacuums are designed to not only provide great cleaning performance but also help improve indoor air quality, the CarpetMaster vacuums are designed with three stage HEPA filtration to ensure that dirt and dust do not escape back in to air . A lightweight, ergonomically designed upright vacuum designed for the most demanding cleaning applications; built for durability to withstand daily use in difficult cleaning applications but light enough for anyone on your staff to use comfortably . CarpetMaster upright vacuums also offer a full assortment of tools such as a quick draw wand so you can use just one machine for all your carpet cleaning needs, the CarpetMaster provides all the necessary functionality to be your complete carpet cleaning option . CarpetMaster upright vacuums are designed with the professional cleaner in mind, with CRI approval you know the CarpetMaster will provide you with enhanced clean; with its low decibel rating you can perform daytime cleaning; and the CarpetMaster is designed to allow for tremendous edge cleaning performance . High Quality Protection Plan:

Clarke’s CarpetMaster single-motor upright vacuums deliver affordable quality along with a high level of cleaning performance with exceptional dirt pick-up and filtration. When you have a demanding application the Clarke CarpetMaster vacuums are the ideal solution.

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