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FML-2DP Refrigerator Filter Fits LG LT600P (2-Pack)

FML-2DP Refrigerator Filter Fits LG LT600P (2-Pack)

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  • $ 4995

Economical alternative to expensive originals . Delivers clean, clear water that looks and tastes great . Will remove or reduce chlorine, tastes and odors that may be present in your drinking water . Designed to provide up to six months of life or 300 Gal. . LG - 5231JA2006B, 5231JA2006A, 5231JA2006B, 04609990000, 46-9990, 4609990000, 469990, 5231JA2005A, 5231JA2005A-S, 5231JA2006, 5231JA2006A-S, 5231JA2006B-S, 5231JA2006E, 5231JA2006F, 5231JA2006F-S, 5231JA2006H, 5231JJ2001C9990, 9990P CLS30320001, CLS3032001, LT600, LT600P, PS2441842, SGF-LA50, SGF-LB60

Advanced filtration technology. This HDX refrigerator water filter fits in place of LT-600P contains a compressed carbon block which provides tremendous capacity to remove and/or reduce impurities and sediment that may be present in your drinking water. The carbon block has millions of active sites on its surface and within the structure which can absorb impurities like a sponge and can absorb and hold other types of impurities on its surface like a magnet. Additionally, this filter can catalytically breakdown other impurities very similar to the way a catalytic converter works in your automobile. These processes ensure that you are getting the cleanest and best tasting water possible. This economical filter will provide you with fresh and clean tasting water and ice cubes.

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