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Six Panel Black Forest 18 in. x 30 in. Door Mat

Six Panel Black Forest 18 in. x 30 in. Door Mat

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Unparalleled cleaning surface that scrapes shoes clean . Made of genuine AstroTurf . Made in the USA . Clean Machine scraper mats will resist mildew and moisture; great in snow or hot weather . Average 18 in. x 30 in. mat holds/hides 2 lbs. of dirt per week . Easy to clean, just shake or hose off with water weekly . Mats will become your floor’s new best friend forever

This Six Panel design in black forest color door mat is exclusively made with Genuine AstroTurf scraper blades which have been keeping homes clean for almost 50 years. The hardest working door mat on the continent, this uniquely designed mat surface began with a scientific breakthrough mimicking the natural cleaning power of grass. This genuine AstroTurf scraper door mat is made from flexible, yet durable polyethylene. The patented manufacturing process creates a grid pattern of thousands of small plastic blades providing you with an unparalleled cleaning surface that scrapes shoes clean, holds and hides about 2 lbs. of dirt per week. Using this AstroTurf door mat also helps create a cleaner and healthier environment. Did you know, the average house can be responsible for twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the average car? That’s where this scraper mats come in. Since 80% of dirt enters through the door, think about all that floor surface damage, plus cleaning using electricity, chemicals and paper products, which generate more waste. This door mat, made with AstroTurf, is all about being green for years and years after your purchase. Start saving energy when put in front of your home entrance. Keeping dirt out also protects your investment in floors, carpets and rugs. We all know a cleaner home is also a healthier home. Help reduce the carbon footprint one step at a time and make every welcome count.

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