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14 oz. Aerosol Wood Cleaner and Preservative (3-Pack)

14 oz. Aerosol Wood Cleaner and Preservative (3-Pack)

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Restores and enhances wood's natural color, grain and luster . Removes dust, deep cleans, replaces lost moisture . Lessens the appearance of nicks and scratches . Leaves no residue build-up . Spray on soft, clean, lint-free cloth and wipe over surface . Cleans and leaves a pleasant almond scent . Organic oil formula contains no silicone or wax

Always bring out the natural beauty of wood with Scott's Liquid Gold Wood Cleaner and Preservative. Scott's Liquid Gold is an unparalleled wood cleaner and preservative for furniture, cabinets and woodwork. Time-tested oil formula safely cleans, shines, dusts, restores and preserves all natural or unfinished wood. Replenishes natural moisture to protect against cracking, warping and fading, extending the life of your wood treasures. Complete wood care for dusting, cleaning and protecting. Also cleans and shines stainless steel, chrome and brass.

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