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8 oz. PVC P-68 Primer, Clear

8 oz. PVC P-68 Primer, Clear

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Low VOC emission . Use in conjunction with appropriate Weld-On solvent cements . Fast acting . Available in clear and purple . 3 year shelf life . Weld-On P-68 primer, clear and purple colors, are available in 1/4 Pt. (118 ml), 1/2 Pt. (237 ml), 1 Pt. (473 ml), 1 Qt. (946 ml) and 1 Gal. (3.785 l) metal cans

Weld-On P-68 is a low VOC emission, non-bodied, fast acting and primer. The strong action of P-68 primer rapidly softens and dissolves the joining surfaces of PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings. Available in clear and purple; the latter allows easy identification when used on the joining surfaces.

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