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12-Watt Solar Powered Roof Mount Attic Fan with Solar Controller Ventilates up to 1550 sq. ft.

12-Watt Solar Powered Roof Mount Attic Fan with Solar Controller Ventilates up to 1550 sq. ft.

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Reduces attic heat buildup in the summer - reducing air conditioning usage, reduces attic moisture in the winter - reducing mold and mildew growth, reduces ice damming . Quick return on investment - extends the life of common asphalt shingles - extends roof life up to 10%, 30% federal tax credit, local utility rebates, and improved home energy efficiency . Includes solar controller with upgraded software - displays fan status, attic temperature and humidity on hand-held remote, also offers option to power the fan after dark using house power . Solar controller intelligently manages fan's operation, based on solar power or house power availability, to optimize the run-time of the fan in order to remove the excessive heat or moisture . Ventilates up to 1550 sq. ft. with upgraded 12-watt solar panel and 38-volt DC motor . Black solar panel for improved camouflaged appearance . Oversized heavy gauge flashing designed for leak-proof installation . Black ABS shroud is fade resistant, dent resistant and rust resistant - designed to withstand severe weather . High Quality Protection Plan:

Award winning, professional grade and high wind approved solar powered attic fan can continue to run after dark with the included Solar Controller. The Solar Powered Attic Fan 1012TRS/HW is designed to reduce heat build-up in your attic in the summer and remove harmful moisture in the winter. Its commercial grade, heavy duty construction provides up to 25% more power than other fans, providing better circulation and improving airflow in your attic space. The 1012TRS/HW is approved by the Florida Building Code and Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) for high wind situations - tested over 150 MPH with solar panel in full tilt. One fan can ventilate up to 1550 sq. ft. and lower the attic temperature so your air conditioning won’t have to run as long to cool your home. The Solar Powered Attic Fan qualifies for 30% Federal Tax Credit with many other local utility and municipality rebates available. Reduce attic heat build-up - 43% of air conditioning design load is based on high attic temperatures. Lowering attic temperature lowers air conditioning use. Reduce damaging moisture in your attic - 28 gal. of moisture is typically added to your attic space throughout the winter. Attic moisture causes mold and mildew growth and can cause attic insulation to lose its effectiveness.

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