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5/16 in. Pro Wet/Dry Diamond Drill Bit

5/16 in. Pro Wet/Dry Diamond Drill Bit

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  • $ 1797

Ideal for cutting holes in ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles with minimal water use — no more water systems . Advanced metallurgical technology bonds diamond grit to chrome alloy steel base to produce a permanent cutting edge - professional quality and results . Extremely durable and built to last longer than conventional diamond drill bits . Easiest tool for drilling hard porcelain, glass and other types of tile; no cups or water feed system required

The QEP 5/16 in. Wet/Dry Diamond Drill Bit is designed for the easy, fast and accurate cutting of porcelain, ceramic and glass tiles. Perfect for cutting holes for shower door, towel bar, cabinetry and shelving installations. Simply dip the diamond drill bit into water and drill the desired hole for professional quality and results. The QEP 5/16 in. wet/dry diamond drill bit features a special diamond grit edge for faster and smoother cuts, while using less water than conventional diamond drill bits.

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