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20 lb. Fast Acting Sulfur

20 lb. Fast Acting Sulfur

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Quickly lowers soil pH to correct excess alkalinity . Starts working immediately . Includes 12% gypsum to improve soil porosity and help make plant nutrients more available . Helps plants process iron for lush, green growth . Excellent for use on hydrangeas, evergreens and alkaline based lawns/gardens . Covers 10,000 sq. ft. . Use this calculator to determine how much product you need to complete your project:

Encap's Fast Acting Sulfur is the best product for lowering pH available today. High quality sulfur and readily available calcium give this product the ability to create the right environment for your plant and nourish it at the same time. Encap's patented AST, Advanced Soil Technology helps hold nutrients in place while boosting root development and water penetration. The complete, all around solution that's easy and dependable.

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