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6 in. Contour Gauge

6 in. Contour Gauge

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For marking precise cutouts in vinyl, wood, porcelain and ceramic tiles, just press against object and then copy the shape onto flooring with a China marker to make a precise cut . Copies the contour of pipes and columns so you can trace it to the flooring and precisely cut a matching shape . Durable plastic teeth will not rust over time . Also comes in handy with base molding, chair rails, crown molding and finishing door and window frames

The QEP 6 in. Professional Profile and Contour Gauge allows you to easily copy shapes to tile, laminate, engineered wood, solid wood and vinyl flooring to precisely cut flooring to match objects. The Gauge is ideal for going around pipes, round columns, conduits and irregular shaped walls. The Gauge eliminates having to guess the dimensions of irregular shapes and wasting many pieces of flooring with such a hit and miss approach. Simply press the durable teeth against the obstacle to match the contour and then trace the shape to your flooring with a China marker.

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