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1 ft. x 1 ft. Black Modular Instant Raised Planter CuBe Kit

1 ft. x 1 ft. Black Modular Instant Raised Planter CuBe Kit

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  • $ 3999

2 CuBe modular ultimate square foot gardens . Made with strong, durable AeroFlow fabric, developed to create the perfect environment for roots . AeroFlow fabric lasts 5 seasons . 2 DekProTek aeration pads protects your deck . EZ-Earth organic soil, no more lifting heavy bags of soil . Mykos organic starter fertilizer . Box turns into filling form for CuBe’s . Perfect for the deck or patio garden

CuBe Kit contains everything you need to start planting. This kit Contains 2 CuBe modular gardens, 2 DekProTek’s aeration pads, organic soil and organic fertilizer. All this in a small lightweight box makes it the perfect for someone that does not want to carry heavy bags of soil. With the included EZ-Earth Soil simply add water and watch it expand. The CuBe is the ultimate square foot garden. Include is the plant guide that tells you how many vegetables to plant in each CuBe. CuBe’s are made with the long lasting AeroFlow Fabric designed to create the perfect growing environment for your plants. AeroFlow Fabric provides perfect drainage and oxygenation of the root zone while keeping your plants roots up to 33° cooler in the heat of the summer. AeroFlow Fabric lasts for 5 seasons. DekProTek lifts your CuBe’s up of your patio or deck preventing moisture damage to the surface and increases growth by provide extra oxygen to the roots. The included Mykos organic fertilizer gets your plants off to a great start.

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