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0.5 oz. White Touch Up and Repair Kit

0.5 oz. White Touch Up and Repair Kit

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Matches finished elegance molding and boards . A quick and easy way to fill nail holes or make small repairs . For interior use only . Cleans easily with water . Contains instructions, fill stick, plastic scraper and sanding pad . Simply fill the hole, remove excess and polish clean . Sanding pad can also be used to remove scuff marks . Low odor

Finished Elegance (FEMDF) Touch Up and Repair Kit is used to complete your Finished Elegance molding projects. The Finished Elegance touches up and repair kit contains a color matched wax fill stick, instructions, plastic scraper and buffing pad. The kit contains everything you need to fill nail holes, make quick repairs or finishing touch ups. To use, simply rub the wax fill stick into the nail hole. Once the hole is filled, scrape away extra material with the plastic scraper and clean with the buffing pad. The buffing pad can also be used to remove any scuff marks on your molding.

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