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12 in. Automatic Damper for Turbine Vent

12 in. Automatic Damper for Turbine Vent

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  • $ 2250

Driven by temperature (needs no batteries) . Lowers your heating bills . Saves energy . Install in minutes . Fits new or old turbine ventilators, 12 and 14 in. Dia . It's automatic . Louvers: open at 80°F summer, closed at 40°F winter . 25-year guarantee; U.S. patent . Restricts turbine suction in cold temperature . Features:

The turbine boss stops turbine heat loss in winter. Louvers open in warm weather, close in cold weather. It's automatic. Wind turbine attic vents suck warmth from your rooms during winter. The turbine boss fixes this problem. Lowers your heating bills. Just install it and forget it.

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