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80 ft. Whisper Guyed Tower Kit

80 ft. Whisper Guyed Tower Kit

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  • $ 2,27500

This tower kit is designed specifically for the Southwest Windpower Whisper 100 and 200 wind turbines . Five level, guy wire supported construction allows the use of lightweight tubing while providing plenty of strength, even in high wind conditions . Simple extruded aluminum coupling clamps allow the use of different wall thickness of tubing, depending on site requirements . Threaded coupling joints are eliminated, allowing lighter materials to be used with the same or greater strength than a threaded pipe tower . The top guy wire attachment clamps onto the upper mast section and this reduces the number of pieces of tubing used to construct the tower and reduces the stresses concentrated at this point . Pre-cut and swaged guy wires eliminate wire measuring and cutting

Southwest Windpower offers tower kits that make installing your Whisper 100 or Whisper 200 easy and safe. Our kits don’t require welding, machining, concrete or any climbing by you. You just need to obtain pipe material from your local hardware store. Anchors are sold separately. The tower base has a footprint of 16 inches square. In many cases a concrete pad for the tower base is not necessary.

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