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WV50 Power Squeegee

WV50 Power Squeegee

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WV50 power squeegee's innovative water recovery system takes up dirty water before it drips and it empties quickly with no mess . Compact, lightweight curved ergonomic body makes it comfortable to use in a wide range of applications . Other features include an upright standing base with non-slip bumpers for protection and stability, a one-touch on/off switch and a 3-1/2 oz. water reservoir . WV50 power squeegee weighs 10 oz. and it measures 12 in. L x 3-1/2 in. W x 5 in. H, it's backed by a one-year limited warranty . Curved, comfortable ergonomic design makes it easy to use in a wide range of applications . Streak-less cleaning of windows, showers, mirrors, counter tops, stone and granite tiles and more

The world's first lithium-ion cordless window and flat surface wet vacuum, the Karcher WV50 Power Squeegee helps reduce the time, labor and mess associated with traditional cleaning methods. Simply spray the cleaning solution of choice, turn the vacuum on and run the blades along the surface - it's that easy. Easy to use and cost effective, the WV50 Power Squeegee eliminates the wiping, rubbing and mess required when using paper or cloth towels and you'll save money by not having to wash cloths or throw away paper towels. Plus, the WV50 Power Squeegee is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis, carpel tunnel or other joint and muscle aliments that make rubbing or wiping a painful process. Ideal for most non-porous surfaces, the WV50 Power Squeegee can clean windows, mirrors, sky-lights, tiles, smooth granite and stone surfaces - without leaving any streaks. It features double-layered 11 in. blades made of long-lasting neoprene and edge-to-edge suction on any flat surface. The WV50 Power Squeegee is powered by an advanced lithium-ion battery that offers a higher energy output and runs up to 3-times longer between charges. Thanks to its cordless design, you can use the WV50 Power Squeegee anywhere. It comes with a 12-Volt wall charger that automatically maintains a peak battery charge level and the WV50 Power Squeegee has an LED indicator that shows when the device is fully charged.

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