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HV5500 Professional Metal Spray Gun

HV5500 Professional Metal Spray Gun

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Includes complete spray gun with one 1-qt. PTFE coated paint container . Good to have a spare if painting a variety of jobs or if painting different colors on one job . Quickly change between the horizontal, vertical or detailed spray patterns with the push and click 3 spray pattern adjustor . Easily adjust paint flow with the paint volume control knob . Click here to learn more about paint sprayers . Includes ladder hook

The Earlex L0150 Professional Paint Spray Gunis a replacement part for Earlex Spray Station models HV5000 and HV5500. The spray gun is suitable for multiple jobs or projects that use multiple colors. Instead of cleaning your existing container, use a spare container like this one to switch between colors for a single project. The Earlex L0150 Professional Paint Spray Gun comes complete with a 2-milimeter (.08 in.) stainless steel needle and tip, which work best with medium to thick bodied materials for a fine finish. Larger diameter needles and fluid tips are ideal for higher viscosity materials since they allow thicker materials to be sprayed where finish is not of paramount importance. Smaller diameter needles, in contrast, are more suitable for lower viscosity materials ensuring a higher quality finish. To ensure the best finish, it's important that you use the correct size tip and needle for the material and project size. The Earlex L0150 Professional Paint Spray Gun comes with a 1-year limited warranty that protects against defects in materials and workmanship. The Earlex product line brings professional quality and ease of use to consumers and professionals alike.

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