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2 in. Journeyman Master Thin Angle Sash Brush

2 in. Journeyman Master Thin Angle Sash Brush

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  • $ 900

Polyester and nylon blend brush filaments: polyester for control, nylon for a smooth finish . Wooden brush handle . Recommended for use with all paints, acrylics, latex, oil- and water-based stains . 1-1/2 in. wide brush head . 7 in. long brush handle . Angle style to help add control while trimming . Designed for excellent paint pickup and release . Made in USA

The Wooster Journeyman Master 2 in. Angled Sash Brush features a nylon/polyester blend that provides control and a smooth finish. It can be used with acrylics, latex, oils and water-based stains, indoors and out. Truly an all-purpose brush with fantastic coverage and masterful cut-in control.

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