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Polished Patina Applicator Tool

Polished Patina Applicator Tool

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Used to apply the polished patina topcoat . Comprised of a durable resin that provides both stiffness and flexibility to correctly apply the product . Used to apply a thin layer of polished patina topcoat in an arch fashion across the wall . Construction of the tool allows only the thinnest layer of product which helps produce the subtleness between the basecoat and the topcoat, providing a beautiful layered look

Polished Patina is a unique finish that produces subtle variations of tone and depth with lustrous quality and appearance. It lends an antiqued character and artistic sophistication to any room. The final appearance is ultra-smooth providing beautiful shimmer and variations of color. To create the layered look, two coats of Ralph Lauren Polished Patina finish are applied over a basecoat of Ralph Lauren eggshell paint using the Polished Patina Application Tool.

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