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Cone Mop Supreme

Cone Mop Supreme

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  • $ 1452

Features 2 different types of microfiber for maximum scrubbing and absorbency . Tightly woven absorbent microfiber strings combined with wide flat scrubbing strips scrubs removes tough dirt without scratching . Superior wringing performance with little effort keeps hands dry . Machine washable – reusable mop head

The Quickie Cone Mop Supreme has an advanced microfiber head design that features two different types of fiber. Its soft, tightly woven microfiber strings are spun from thousands of strands with millions of filaments, resulting in tremendous surface area and providing unsurpassed absorption performance. The wide, flat strands of microfiber and nylon scrubbies reach into tiny cracks and scrub deep down without scratching. It has a slender cone design that compresses and squeezes the microfiber, for unmatched wringing power with very little effort.

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