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WASP Insulation Blowing Machine

WASP Insulation Blowing Machine

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  • $ 6,33000

100 ft. remote cord . 2 Power Cords 100 ft. each included . Intec exclusive Urethane remote cover for increased durability . Weight: 280 lbs.

Take the sting out of buying an insulation blowing machine. This machine is designed to do it all at a reasonable price. The Wasp represents the best insulation blowing technology available, refined and enhanced with your ideas and suggestions. What's more, the Wasp utilizes proven airlock technology for simplicity and minimal downtime. The result is the best lightweight machine on the market, tailored to meet your demanding requirements. Compatible with fiberglass, cellulose, or rock wool, this portable machine is made of polyethylene construction to allow for maneuverability and rugged use. You will enjoy top notch reliability with few moving parts, and low maintenance, with production capabilities that allow for attic, sidewall, and recycle wall spray

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