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12-Volt Car-To-Car Battery Charger Booster

12-Volt Car-To-Car Battery Charger Booster

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  • $ 3997

Fully automatic and microprocessor controlled . 5 year warranty . Includes ring terminal quick disconnects and alligator quick disconnects . Spark proof . Reverse polarity protected . Ideal for: motorcycles, ATVS, lawn mowers, personal watercraft, scooters, snowmobiles, any flooded, AGM, gel or sealed maintenance free lead acid battery up to 40-amp hour . Includes: alligator clips and ring terminal quick disconnects . High Quality Protection Plan:

The Battery Tender Junior is a fully automatic and Microprocessor controlled 12-Volt 750-mA battery charger. Designed to bring a battery back up to a full state of charge and then maintain a battery at 100% indefinitely without the worry of typical trickle chargers that overcharge and burn up batteries. Will not overcharge a battery. Designed for use on Flooded, AGM, and Gel style lead acid batteries. The Battery Tender Junior is ideal for Motorcycles, ATVs, Watercraft, Scooters, and Lawn Mower batteries. Spark Proof and Reverse polarity protection ensure safe use.

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