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Synthetic Blend Non-Detergent Oil Air Compressor

Synthetic Blend Non-Detergent Oil Air Compressor

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Unique non-detergent formulation is for use in air compressor pumps only and not gas engines . A detergent type oil (used in car engines) suspends the contaminates and particles which are then removed by the oil filter, applications without oil filters (such as air compressors) should use non-detergent oil so the contaminates and particles settle to the bottom . Synthetic blend air compressor oil is shipped in a convenient 16 oz. bottle . Review the maintenance section of your oil lube air compressor owner's manual and perform scheduled maintenance as necessary

Synthetic blend oil improves oil viscosity versus traditional mineral based oils. It offers better protection of internal pump parts by reducing wear and friction. Synthetic blend oil extends the air compressor pump life, especially during cold weather use.

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