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GTM 20 Traffic Receiver

GTM 20 Traffic Receiver

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When paired with a Garmin navigator, allows user to avoid traffic delays and road construction that lie ahead on route . Gives premium traffic information in North America for the life of the receiver . Traffic services available only in select cities where coverage exists . Compatible with SPC500, SPC580, nuvi 650, 660, 670, 680, 750, 760, 770, 780, 755, 765, 775, 785, 850, 880, 855T, 885T and 5000, and zumo 660 and 665 . High Quality Protection Plan:

Traffic tie-ups can't always be prevented. But with Garmin's GTM 20 portable traffic receiver, you can often avoid them. Avoid Traffic Tie-ups The GTM 20 is an integrated FM TMC Traffic Message Channel traffic receiver, antenna and cigarette lighter adapter. Designed exclusively for the American version of compatible Garmin products, it receives digital information where available on traffic and road construction tie-ups that your compatible Garmin unit uses to offer an alternate route. TMC data, available in a fast-growing number of cities throughout North America, gives prompt, accurate notification of accidents, road construction, police, or emergency action, etc. so you can visually monitor traffic flow and, if necessary, avoid traffic tie-ups.

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