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SmartPlus 1/25 HP Non-Submersible Hot Water Recirculation Pump in Stainless Steel

SmartPlus 1/25 HP Non-Submersible Hot Water Recirculation Pump in Stainless Steel

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Pulse mode: when set for pulse mode, the SmartPlus circulator will run for 150 seconds every 10 minutes to maintain hot water at all fixtures . Smart mode when set for smart mode, the circulator will run in pulse mode as above for the first 7 days; during the first 7 days, the SmartPlus will monitor and record the homes hot water usage pattern; for the next 7 days, the SmartPlus will use the preceding week’s usage pattern to cycle the pump; this process will be repeated every 7 days . Vacation function - after 36 hours of inactivity the pump will automatically turn off and remain off until hot water usage is detected again . Exercise function - while in vacation mode the pump will cycle on once every 7 days and run for 10 seconds to prevent any corrosion or scale buildup . Unique replaceable cartridge design-field serviceable . Self-lubricating . No mechanical seal . Unmatched reliability-maintenance free

SmartPlus can save up to 12,000 Gal. of water each year and reduce electrical consumption up to 94% when compared to traditional continuous run domestic hot water recirculation pumps. A Taco SmartPlus circulator pump is installed on the hot water supply line, or on the hot water return line, and controlled by the SmartPlus electronic control board. The SmartPlus circulator has a mode select toggle switch on the electronic control board that allows for 2 operation modes. “Pulse” or “Smart” mode can be selected using the toggle switch located on the capacitor base mounted electronic control board. A yellow LED indicates which mode is selected. All operation is automatic, no manual timer or temperature setting is required.

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