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1-qt. ULTRAguard Sealer and Surface Wear Protector

1-qt. ULTRAguard Sealer and Surface Wear Protector

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Excellent wear protector for commercial, residential, industrial and institutional facilities, Canadian Food Inspection Agency approved for use in hospitals, food processing and food preparation areas, schools, restaurants, hotels and grocery stores . Breathable modified acrylic indoor/outdoor sealer . Penetrating UV stable sealer/polish with a slip resistance of .7 on the James Scale that provides safe, long-lasting, wear resistant surfaces . Fast drying, ready in less than 1 hour for second coat . Biodegradable, non-yellowing, low VOCs, low odor during application and odorless when dry . Coverage is 500-700 sq. ft. per gallon depending on porosity of the surface and the thickness of the coat being applied . Ready to use, easy to apply with sprayer and microfiber applicator

WerkMaster 1-qt. ULTRAguard Sealer and Surface Wear Protector is an environmentally friendly water based sealer developed to eliminate the high maintenance requirements of conventional floor finishes. ULTRAguard Sealer provides up to 24 hour stain and etching resistance to oil, acids, wine, coffee, vinegar, mustard and other acid based staining agents. Developed for use on for all concrete, terrazzo, stone and masonry applications where wear, stain and UV protection is required.

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