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Spec-Grade Sound System Matching Module with Auto-Surge Technology

Spec-Grade Sound System Matching Module with Auto-Surge Technology

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  • $ 16400

Connects six rooms/zones with convenient single-point connection for all speakers . AutoSurge circuit protection technology complements the AutoSurge protection built into every Spec-grade Sound speaker . User-removable connectors facilitate installation . Transformer-Free impedance-matching design ensures linear frequency response, signal integrity and high power handling capacity

The Leviton Architectural Edition System Matching Module takes a much more contractor-friendly approach that saves time and money. All impedance matching can be accomplished at the central wiring point where speaker and control wiring converge to interface with the amplifier (either inside a structured cabling enclosure or at a designated wallplate location). The module is engineered for high power handling and long-term reliability with a design based on the same thermo-rated Cermetile audio-grade resistors used in the Leviton Architectural Edition Decora Strauss Volume Controls.

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