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Washing Machine Installation Costs

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The cost to install your washing machine varies according to your choice of materials and labor. Most home washing machine installation jobs are performed by a licensed washing machine installer. The best way to reduce labor costs for this kind of project is to do as much of the work yourself as you are comfortable with. That could mean anything from purchasing necessary materials and supplies for the washing machine installer to use, to doing the entire project yourself. You can also hire a skilled handyman who may charge a lower hourly rate than the washing machine installer to perform some of the tasks involved.

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Typical total costs for washing machine installation: $480 to $640 per 1 machines

Consider how the following questions apply to your washing machine installation to get a head-start on pricing out your project:

What kind of washing machine do you want?
Front loading; Top loading; Stacked unit with dryer; Commercial grade; Portable; As recommended by professional

Is there access to an existing electrical connection and a sink drain?
There is access to both an outlet and a drain; There is access to an outlet but not a drain; There is access to a drain but not an outlet; There is no access to an outlet or a drain

Do you have all the necessary materials and parts?
I already have everything; I need the professional to tell me what to buy; I need the professional to provide everything

Pricing and examples of types products that are often purchased for washing machine installation:

Front Load Washers : $542 to $1264 on average

Portable Washing Machines : $284 to $664 on average

Top Load Washers : $397 to $927 on average

Electric Dryers : $453 to $1057 on average

Gas Dryers : $509 to $1188 on average

Washer & Dryer Combo Units : $679 to $1584 on average

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