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Dishwasher Repair or Maintenance Costs

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The cost to repair your dishwasher varies according to your choice of materials and labor. Most home dishwasher repair or maintenance jobs are performed by a licensed dishwasher repairman. The best way to reduce labor costs for this kind of project is to do as much of the work yourself as you are comfortable with. That could mean anything from purchasing necessary materials and supplies for the dishwasher repairman to use, to doing the entire project yourself. You can also hire a skilled handyman who may charge a lower hourly rate than the dishwasher repairman to perform some of the tasks involved.

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Typical total costs for dishwasher repair or maintenance: $260 to $310 per 1 dishwashers

Consider how the following questions apply to your dishwasher repair or maintenance to get a head-start on pricing out your project:

What kind of work do you need?
Repair; Regular inspection and maintenance

What dishwasher problem do you have?
No problem, just need maintenance; Non-functional, i.e., does not turn on; Poorly functioning, i.e., does not clean; Broken sprayer; Leakage; Poor drainage; Noisy; Unpleasant odor; Dishwasher problem hand-in-hand with other plumbing problems

How long has this problem existed?
No problem, just need maintenance; Recently; Several times over the past week; Several times over the past month or longer

What kind of dishwasher do you have?
Built-in below counter (traditional); Drawer; Commercial-grade; Portable free-standing; In-sink

Do you have all the necessary materials and parts?
I already have everything; I need the professional to tell me what to buy; I need the professional to provide everything

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